About SiliconValley Worlds

SiliconValley Worlds is a business partner alliance focusing on working with Startups and SMB companies as clients and partners. Through the alliance network, clients will have access to cost efficient and complete business and software product outsourcing services.

Why use the alliance network from SiliconValley Worlds?

Startups and/or SMB companies are facing numerous activities to get going. 
  • Limited money, resources and time
  • Lack of specific knowledge
  • Quite often, have just an idea or a concept
  • Need to quickly get a proof of concept built to get funding
  • Need practical assistance developing the requirements
  • Need to focus on driving the business and/or developing the business model
  • Need somebody to assist managing the activities
The alliance network resources from SiliconValley Worlds are here to work with you until you reach your goals.